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Krazy Wall exists solely as a place for webmasters, bloggers, and webstore owners to advertise their site. The rules are simple:


Images can be any size as long as the width does not exceed 500 pixels and the height does not exceed 100 pixels.

I will not post links to adult sites or anything that I consider inappropriate. Even if I put up your link initially, I reserve the right to delete it at any time at my sole discretion. Keep the pic clean, too.

The placement of your link is up to me. :)

To add your link, email me the image as an attachment (or the url of the image on your site), and the URL you want it to point to. Include alt text if desired. Email it to: krazywall@gmail.com

Have fun!

P.S. If you are not the creative type and just want your text link on the page, that's cool too. It will be down at the bottom (and this is only for people who don't have a graphical link on the page).

If you'd like to put a link to KRAZY WALL on your site, you can use this image: You are not obligated to, however. This is a free service and linking to us is completely voluntary.

More information:

Krazywall Is better than a link exchange. It is a free source for one-way inbound links to your website! Link Exchanges require you to link back to them in order to qualify. Krazywall is different. This is a free service for webmasters, bloggers, and homepage authors to advertise their website and increase their google pagerank scores. More inbound links to your site translates to a higher score in search engines, which means more traffic! This is a completely free service. No strings attached. As the link wall grows, the links coming from here will be increasingly helpful to your site. Link exchanges are a great thing, but one-way inbound links are even better! Please refer to the rules above and have fun!