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Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour - Chuck Murphy (2006)
ISBN 9781594741319
Publisher Quirk Books
Publication Date 10/26/2006
Format Hardcover (298 x 292 mm)
Plot / Summary
More than 600,000 people visit Graceland every year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. With Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour, you'll go behind the velvet ropes for an all-access tour of the Elvis Presley Estate. Eight full-color pop-up spreads feature the mansion's most memorable destinations:

The Kitchen: Home of the famous peanut butter and banana sandwich.
The TV Room: With three TVs running simultaneously, there's never a dull moment.
The Trophy Room: A monument to the King's legacy.
The Meditation Garden: Where Elvis and his family are buried.

Along the way, interactive pop-up features allow you to flip through Elvis's record collection, browse the family photo album, open his refrigerator, and discover other hidden surprises. Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour is the perfect gift for Elvis fans of all ages!

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Cover Price $40.00
Nr of Pages 18
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