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Hunter - John A. Hunter (2007)
ISBN 9781571572431
Publisher Safari Press
Publication Date 1/25/2007
Format Hardcover (231 x 155 mm)
Plot / Summary
Written in the 1950s, Hunter recounts the career of John A. Hunter, a professional big-game hunter and former chairman of Tanganyika National Parks. J A. Hunter led a life of adventure, but, perhaps, the most astonishing tale in this book is his incredible adventures while hunting rhino. As a game ranger, he was ordered by the Tanganyikan government to clear out dozens of rogue rhinos from the area around Makueni, and the accounts of his experiences are spine-tingling. Hunter hunted throughout East Africa-for bongo in the Ituri rain forest (former Zaire), lion in Masailand (Kenya), and the man-killing buffalo near Thomson's Falls with his favorite dog (Kenya).
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 4694
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Cover Price $29.95
Nr of Pages 263
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