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Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life - Michelle Skye (2007)
ISBN 9780738710808
Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date 7/1/2007
Format Paperback (229 x 191 mm)
Plot / Summary
Fierce and Fabulous Thirteen Goddesses for Modern Women

The changing of the seasons, phases of the moon, even our personal experiences-all are reflections of the Divine Feminine. Create a stronger connection to the sacred world and your own divinity by welcoming these thirteen powerful Celtic and Nordic goddesses into your life.

As you make your way through a transformative year, know that each goddess has a different energy and a unique lesson to teach you. Starting with the Winter Solstice, the eight seasonal Sabbats and five faces of the moon provide the guideposts along your path. Through ritual, invocation, guided meditations, and magical activities, you'll explore each goddess's unique mythology and discover her message for your life. Cerridwyn ~ Welsh Goddess of Rebirth and Renewal Brigid ~ Irish Goddess of Healing, the Forge, and Creative Inspiration Eostre ~ Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring Freyja ~ Norse Goddess of Love and War Aine ~ Irish Goddess of Faeries and Fertility Danu ~ Irish Mother Goddess of Wisdom Modron ~ Welsh Mother Goddess of Mystery Hella ~ Norse Goddess of the Underworld Branwen ~ Welsh Goddess of Sovereignty Maeve ~ Irish Goddess of Personal Power The Valkyries ~ Norse Goddesses of Battle Magic and Soul Journey Morrighan ~ Irish Goddess of Magic and Death Rhiannon ~ Welsh Great Queen and Horse Goddess

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Cover Price $18.95
Nr of Pages 280
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