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The Milwaukee Road's Hiawathas (Great Passenger Trains) - 0 (2006)
ISBN 9780760323953
Publisher Voyageur Press
Publication Date 11/15/2006
Format Hardcover (279 x 221 mm)
Plot / Summary
This authoritative, illustrated history follows the Milwaukee Road's Hiawathas from 1935 to 1971, examines motive power-from the steam locomotives that first wore the streamlined Hiawatha shrouds to the diesel engines that followed in the 1950s-and at the train's distinctive rolling stock, such as the classic 'Super Domes' and the observation cars known as Skytop Lounges. Dozens of black-and-white archival images and period color photographs return readers to the Hiawatha's heyday, capturing the texture of the time in details such as uniforms and dinnerware, car interiors and terminals, stations, and routes, period advertisements, design drawings, and route maps.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 44254
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Cover Price $34.95
Nr of Pages 160
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