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I Am My Mother's Daughter: Making Peace With Mom Before -- ItÆs Too Late - Iris Krasnow (2007)
ISBN 9780465037551
Publisher Perseus Books Group
Publication Date 4/30/2007
Format Paperback (203 x 135 mm)
Plot / Summary
Inspiration and advice for grown-up daughters on making peace with Mom while there's still time--from the bestselling author of Surrendering to Marriage.

Iris Krasnow--mother, daughter, and bestselling journalist--tackles the toughest relationship in the lives of many grown women: the mother-daughter bond. With women's life expectancy inching up past 80, you may be embroiled with your mother well past the time your own hair turns white. The good news: Living longer means more time to make peace--and this book shows you how.

Drawing on her own experience with her colorful 85-year-old mother and the collective wisdom of more than 100 other adult daughters, Krasnow offers a fresh perspective on how to overcome the anger, guilt, and resentment that can destroy a family. The time to repair the bond is now, she reminds us: You can't kiss and make up at her funeral. The key is to let go of the fantasy mom and embrace the flesh-and-blood woman, with all her flaws.

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2Frog Index 43953
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Cover Price $15.00
Nr of Pages 223
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