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This Is Daniel Cook At The Construction Site (This Is Daniel Cook) - 0 (2007)
ISBN 9781554530847
Publisher Kids Can Press
Publication Date 1/10/2007
Format Paperback (178 x 173 mm)
Plot / Summary
Be careful where you walk, and don't forget your hard hat! Join Daniel as he visits a construction site and helps workers build a sidewalk. He even gets to help operate a huge backhoe. Cool! Charmed by his boundless enthusiasm, children will be eager to join Daniel and learn about the world from their own perspective. Each book closes with an activity that encourages young readers to create along with Daniel. Kids will be eager to join in the adventures of a little boy who gets to do so many different things. If Daniel can do it, so can they!
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 43645
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Cover Price $4.95
Nr of Pages 24
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