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Pandolfini's Chess Challenges: 111 Winning Endgames (Chess) - Bruce Pandolfini (2007)
ISBN 9780375722066
Publisher Random House Puzzles & Games
Publication Date 5/8/2007
Format Paperback (152 x 102 mm)
Plot / Summary
Here are 111 instructive, quirky, surprising, and fun tactical chess problems to improve anyone's game, created by renowned chess teacher Bruce Pandolfini. Designed to promote creativity and imaginative play, all the problems are endgame miniatures, with seven or fewer pieces on the board.

· Every solution has two parts, the setup and the requisite tactic, each of which also reveal broader lessons on general game play
· Points are awarded with each solution, so players can track their progress as they work through the book
· Answer pages offer descriptions and explanations of the winning procedure employed
· Problems are organized thematically, to reinforce the lessons they impart
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 43423
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Cover Price $9.95
Nr of Pages 256
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