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The Haunted Castle Of Count Viper: A Spooky Maze Adventure (Explorers' Club) - Judith Rossell (2007)
ISBN 9781579909505
Publisher Lark Books
Publication Date 3/1/2007
Format Paperback (272 x 206 mm)
Plot / Summary
This one’s for brave young maze solvers—and smart ones, too! That’s because they’ll have to confront the evil Count Viper in his haunted castle in order to rescue the twins he’s kidnapped. And to get there, kids must find their way through graveyards, swamps, the Cave of Diamonds, and lots of perilous passes. A richly illustrated, full-color maze on each page connects to the next, while a spine-tingling story propels the exploration and adds to the thrills. Plus, ancient clues from the Scaresti Library on the cover gatefolds help children triumph over such dangers as poison slugfish, cave rats, ghosts, and hungry wolves!
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 43108
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Cover Price $4.95
Nr of Pages 32
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