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Weekend Routing Projects: Easy Step-By-Step Designs In Light And Dark Wood - Andy Standing (2007)
ISBN 9781845377762
Publisher New Holland
Publication Date 4/1/2007
Format Paperback (274 x 212 mm)
Plot / Summary
All too often the projects in beginning woodworking books for the novice look uninspiring. This one is different: each of the 12 simple designs retains a professional look. These projects put your router to good use, and they take only a weekend to complete! Using woods such as cherry, beech, and walnut, novices will soon be building an inlaid side table, a coffee table with sliding panels for hidden storage, and an elegant fluted oak table lamp. Covering a range of techniques and functions from making decorative moldings to jointings and inlays, these projects provide great practice for new skills. Easy-to-follow diagrams and abundant photographs detail everything you need to know to get started.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 42199
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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 96
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