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Tales Of Murder And Mystery: The Shrouded Walls April's Grave The Devil On Lammas Night - Susan Howatch (2007)
ISBN 9780751537963
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Publication Date 4/1/2007
Format Paperback (194 x 128 mm)
Plot / Summary
The Shrouded Walls: When her parents die in a car accident, Marianne loses her home and all her worldly goods. She faces life as a governess, until she meets Axel Branson. A lonely house in the Kent Marshes is now her home. But distrust of her husband and fear of the house seem to roll in as steadily as the sea mist...
April's Grave: Three years after they parted, Karen and Neville decide to resume their life together, returning to the isolated Highland croft where April, Karen's sister, had shattered their marriage. Since then, the selfish and beautiful April has vanished…
The Devil on Lammas Night: When Tristan Poole moved to a remote Welsh seaside village, what was he planning? Nicola Morrison suspects foul play, particularly when sudden illnesses, accidents, and death shatter the peace…
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 41669
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Cover Price $13.95
Nr of Pages 576
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