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The Sword (The Sons Of Destiny, Book 1) - Jean Johnson (2007)
ISBN 9780425214404
Publisher Berkley Trade
Publication Date 2/6/2007
Format Paperback (206 x 140 mm)
Plot / Summary
The first novel of the Sons of Destiny...a romantic tale of magic, superstition, and a love that transcends dimensions.

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, a land where women are strictly forbidden. But, when the youngest of the mage-brothers rescues a woman from another universe, their world is altered forever.

Kelly Doyle had wanted to get away from the world. Threatened, attacked, and accused of witchcraft, Kelly had enough of her narrow-minded small town. And now she has somehow landed in another, magical dimension-the only woman in a realm inhabited by eight men who are desperately in need of a woman's touch.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 41087
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Cover Price $14.00
Nr of Pages 384
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