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Liling-Po Volume 6 (Liling-Po) - Yutenji Ako (2007)
ISBN 9781595325242
Publisher TokyoPop
Publication Date 4/10/2007
Format Paperback (185 x 127 mm)
Plot / Summary
Liling-Po has finally reached his hometown with Bu-cho and Mei-toku in tow. Warm childhood memories resurface as they arrive at the temple of Monk Sen-shi-sho. However, when Liling-Po requests that the monk grant them one of the treasures, to his surprise, Monk Sen-shi-sho rejects his petition--instead he offers an ominous warning to anyone who tries to gain ownership of the treasures...
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 40986
Other Resources Purchase Information
Cover Price $9.99
Nr of Pages 208
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