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Diary Of A Serial Killer - Ed Gaffney (2007)
ISBN 9780440243731
Publisher Dell
Publication Date 3/27/2007
Format Mass Market Paperback (178 x 107 mm)
Plot / Summary
For defense attorneys Zack Wilson and Terry Tallach, time is precious. Not just because they’re paid by the hour. Or because their careers have taken off after a succession of high-profile cases. Or because a baffling, shocking serial murder case is threatening to tear Zack’s family apart. For these two lawyers, time is precious because they have just walked into the wrong courtroom at the wrong time, where a man is shooting a gun into a crowd that includes Zack’s innocent young son.

But until the last second, there’s hope. While a woman detective desperately races through the city streets to stop a sadistic serial killer, while a puzzle of lies, madness, and brutal manipulation comes together, two men are out of time—for everything but the truth....
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 40384
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Cover Price $6.99
Nr of Pages 384
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