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The Secret City: A Novel - Carol Emshwiller (2007)
ISBN 9781892391445
Publisher Tachyon Publications
Publication Date 4/1/2007
Format Paperback (198 x 127 mm)
Plot / Summary
Written in a voice that is accessible to both mainstream and genre readers, this gripping tale contains a contemporary political subtext that is packed with humanism, complexity, and subtle humor. This inventive story centers on a mysterious enclave protecting a lost culture, a hidden city in the wilderness where stranded aliens struggle to preserve their fragile society. Hoping for a better life, many have fled the Secret City in favor of trying to survive in the harsh human world; others remain concealed, living out a fading memory in hope of deliverance. When the mythical rescuers suddenly arrive, insisting on an immediate interplanetary return, these very-human aliens discover that neither world is truly their own.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 39394
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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 224
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