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7 Days At The Hot Corner - Terry Trueman (2007)
ISBN 9780060574949
Publisher HarperTeen
Publication Date 3/1/2007
Format Hardcover (180 x 130 mm)
Plot / Summary

In baseball, fielding your position at third base is tricky—that's why third is called "the hot corner." You have to be aware that anything can happen at any time.

This should be the best year of Scott's life: It's his last season of varsity ball, his team is about to go to the city championship, and a pro career is on the line. Instead, everything he always counted on comes crashing down at the same time, and his whole life is like one blazing hot corner—full of deadly line drives and crazy "bad hops."

Scott can't believe the awful stuff coming his way, but it's time to find out whether he has what it takes to play the hot corner—on the baseball diamond and off it.

Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 39241
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Cover Price $15.99
Nr of Pages 160
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