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Gustav Klimt: A Painted Fairy Tale (Adventures In Art) - Stephan Koja (2007)
ISBN 9783791337043
Publisher Prestel Publishing
Publication Date 4/30/2007
Format Hardcover (282 x 241 mm)
Plot / Summary

From painted ceilings and hypnotic murals to gold-flecked portraits, this introduction to the life and work of the great Art Nouveau painter brings to light the many features of Gustav Klimt's art that appeal to younger audiences.

Children of all ages will respond to this vibrant exploration of Klimt's most celebrated paintings. Beautiful reproductions of his friezes, paintings, and photographs highlight the important aspects of Klimt's career and personal life. Double-page spreads and dynamic design introduce readers to the artist's intricate mosaics, his use of mythological references, his dazzling palette, and his enchanting and elegant portraits. Young readers are invited inside Klimt's studio, where they learn what a day in the life of the artist entails. They are encouraged to share Klimt's love for painting as they gain an understanding of the artist's unique and mesmerizing work.

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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 28
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