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When Dreams Tremble - Radclyffe (2007)
ISBN 9781933110646
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
Publication Date 2/28/2007
Format Paperback (213 x 140 mm)
Plot / Summary
Leslie Harris's return home after a decade of triumphs and disappointment resembles a nightmare more than the quiet stroll down memory lane she'd hoped for. A run-in with much-changed town bad girl Devon Watts, a woman she'd once secretly lusted after, rekindles small town jealousies and old heart aches--and reminds Leslie just why she left.

Two women whose lives turned out far differently than they'd once imagined discover that sometimes the shape of the future can only be found in the past--and love is strongest when dreams tremble.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 38625
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Cover Price $15.95
Nr of Pages 262
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