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The Priest's Madonna - Amy Hassinger (2007)
ISBN 9780425213872
Publisher Berkley Trade
Publication Date 4/3/2007
Format Paperback (191 x 130 mm)
Plot / Summary
In 1896, a priest in southern France suddenly gained immense wealth. This much is historically true-but no one knows where the money came from. At his death, the priest's secret was buried with him. But there was a young woman-his housekeeper and lover, Marie D?narnaud-who may have known the truth.

Marie D?narnaud is only a girl when the charismatic priest B?renger first captivates her. As a woman, she becomes his housekeeper and struggles with guilt over their illicit relationship. But as their affection deepens, B?renger grows secretive, and Marie has to learn why. What she discovers is a shocking secret that she becomes responsible for concealing.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 38503
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Cover Price $14.00
Nr of Pages 336
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