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I Promise You Forever: Five Promises To Create The Marriage Of Your Dreams - Gary Smalley (2007)
ISBN 9781591455677
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Publication Date 3/13/2007
Format Hardcover (178 x 135 mm)
Plot / Summary
In his groundbreaking book, I Promise, Dr. Gary Smalley condensed 10 years of marriage research into the powerful message that marriage survives and thrives when the relationship is characterized by emotional "safety" and "affirmation." Now he has created a lovely gift book that helps couples speak to one another's heart and emotional needs with gentle promises-to be faithful, to listen, to forgive, to honor, to provide for-that affirm the forever kind of love. The package is created by an award-winning designer who has garnered the highest awards in the gift and card industry.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 37634
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Cover Price $9.99
Nr of Pages 64
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