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Foiled Again (Sarah Deane Mysteries) - J. S. Borthwick (2007)
ISBN 9780312366551
Publisher St. Martin's Minotaur
Publication Date 2/6/2007
Format Hardcover (208 x 145 mm)
Plot / Summary
The Drama School at Bowmouth College is staging their annual Halloween masquerade. This year its Shakespeares Romeo and Julietwith a twist. English professor (and sometime amateur sleuth) Sarah Deane has been recruited to assist backstage. But there are complications: During rehearsals a couple of the student actors pass the time by taking whacks at each other with the stage props, and their horseplay leaves one student wounded. The drama doesnt end there: by the time the production is finally staged a member of the faculty has been badly injured, and one student has been killed.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 36964
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Cover Price $24.95
Nr of Pages 368
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