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The 10 Minute Coach: Daily Strategies For Life Success - Dan Lier (2007)
ISBN 9780825305436
Publisher Beaufort Books
Publication Date 2/28/2007
Format Hardcover (224 x 157 mm)
Plot / Summary
International speaker, success coach, and sports performance consultant Dan Lier provides you with twenty-seven proven strategies to improve your life. These strategies are practiced by successful people everywhere. Lier will assist you in building momentum and getting you closer to your goal.

Learn how to:
- Overcome failure
- Boost your career just by changing your attitude
- Use communication to make your relationship a success
- Raise kids who are winners

Over the past decade, Dan Lier has affected hundreds of thousands of people at his speaking events and has inspired his coaching clients. In this book, he shares powerful strategies that will influence your life, your career, your relationships, and your family. Lier's proven advice is broken into bite-sized chunks--perfect for a parent or a professional on the go.

Don't wait to take your life to the next level.

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2Frog Index 36280
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Cover Price $22.00
Nr of Pages 154
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