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Wallpaper City Guide: Sao Paulo (Wallpaper City Guide) - Editors of Wallpaper Magazine (2007)
ISBN 9780714847313
Publisher Phaidon Press
Publication Date 6/26/2007
Format Paperback (158 x 106 mm)
Plot / Summary
Wallpaper* City Guides not only suggest where to stay, eat,and drink, but what the tourist passionate about design might want to see,whether he or she has a week or just 24 hours in the city.The guidesfeature up-and-coming areas, landmark buildings in an Architour', designcenters, and a selection of the best shops to buy items unique to theparticular city.Wallpaper* City Guides present travelers with a fast-track ticket to thechosen location.The edited guides offer the best, the most exciting, andthe most beautiful of the featured city.In addition to looking beautiful, the guides are expertly designed withfunction as a priority.They have tabbed sections so the tourist caneasily find what he or she is looking for.Also included are color-codedcity maps, rate and currency cards, and an easy navigational tool.Theyare the ultimate combination of form and function.Compiled by the well-traveled editorial team of Wallpaper* and by anextraordinary network of international correspondents, the guides are trulythe insider's guide to each featured city.The contributors tothese guides have put their heads together to come up with fascinating,efficient guides that keeps the hip, urban traveler with his or her fingeron the pulse.The City Guides are being published as Wallpaper* magazine celebrates itstenth anniversary.For the past decade, Wallpaper* has been the first touncover and enticingly present the best in new design and urban travelspots across the globe.The City Guides are the perfect way to present adecade of experience in one precisely edited guide to each of the 40 citiesto be published in 2007.
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2Frog Index 35995
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Cover Price $8.95
Nr of Pages 128
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