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10 Simple Solutions To Stress: How To Tame Tension And Start Enjoying Your Life (10 Simple Solutions) - Claire Michaels, Ph.D. Wheeler (2007)
ISBN 9781572244764
Publisher New Harbinger Publications
Publication Date February 2007
Format Paperback (185 x 132 mm)
Plot / Summary
It's practically the watchword of modern American life. We all know we should learn to manage it. We know that it can shorten our lives, age us prematurely, make us fat. We know it can cause a host of physical and psychological problems, from heart disease to impotence-but we all seem to keep suffering from it. One more thing we all know is that, ultimately, we are responsible for reducing the stress we experience each day. This little book offers ten simple solutions any of us can use to make this important change once and for all.

Based on positive psychology, mind-body medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy, the ten solutions in this book take stress management to an unprecedented level of effectiveness. These short assessments, lifestyle enhancement tips, and emergency stress rescue techniques help you to cope effectively with stress and to reduce its frequency in your life. More than just lowering blood pressure and being generally happier, the techniques in this book can lead you to physical wellness and foster a greater sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

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Cover Price $12.95
Nr of Pages 185
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