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Sign Of The Dragon (Macgregor Family Adventure Series) - Richard Trout (2007)
ISBN 9781589804760
Publisher Pelican Publishing Company
Publication Date 5/30/2007
Format Hardcover (218 x 142 mm)
Plot / Summary
The discovery of rare dinosaur bones in China sends the MacGregor family on another daring journey. In this fifth book in The MacGregor Family Adventure Series, Dr. Mavis MacGregor researches the feathered dinosaur while Dr. Jack MacGregor participates in an environmental conference concerning the world's largest dam project, the Three Gorges Dam. Their children, Chris, Heather, and R.O., and Chris's girlfriend, Natalie, explore the Wolong Panda Reserve, where they discover a link between animal exports, the illegal dinosaur bone trade, and corrupt Chinese officials. Kayaking in the Tibetan Highlands on a Class IV river and fighting panda poachers are just some of the dangerous adventures in which the MacGregors find themselves--including a situation that only the British Secret Service can resolve!
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 34074
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Cover Price $15.95
Nr of Pages 266
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