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Toy Trouble (Strange Matter®) - Engle, Barnes (2007)
ISBN 9781423308393
Publisher Brilliance Audio on CD Lib Ed
Publication Date 6/25/2007
Format Audio CD (174 x 163 mm)
Plot / Summary
Karen Sanders loves toys. An avid toy collector, she's always looking for strange and unusual playthings. Her room is practically a toy museum, from treasured rarities in collector's cases to shoeboxes full of battered pieces and parts.

Karen's friends tell her about a new store that just opened in Fairfield! A new toy store. She can't believe it! Wasting no time, she and her friends rush to the opening of . . . Kepler's Toys and Collectibles.

The selection is wonderful but Karen and her friends wonder why they are the only customers there when it first opens. Maybe it's the strangeness of the shopkeeper, Mr. Kepler, that frightens people away. To their amazement, they find most every toy they ever wanted, each buying armloads, so many they can barely carry them home.

Soon they discover their toy-friends have a life all their own.

And the name of their game is . . .trouble.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 33985
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Cover Price $25.25
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