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Bearwalker - Joseph Bruchac (2007)
ISBN 9780061123115
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication Date 7/1/2007
Format Library Binding (193 x 122 mm)
Illustrator Sally Wern Comport
Plot / Summary

As a member of the Mohawk Bear Clan, Baron has always been fascinated by bears—their gentle strength and untamed power. But the Bearwalker legend, passed down by his ancestors, tells of a different kind of creature—a terrible mix of human and animal that looks like a bear but is really a bloodthirsty monster. The tale never seemed to be more than a scary story. Until now.

During a class camping trip deep in the Adirondacks, Baron comes face-to-face with an evil being that is all too real. Although he knows how the story ends in the legend, Baron must overcome this Bearwalker on his own terms.

Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 33859
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Cover Price $16.89
Nr of Pages 224
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