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Tall Tales Of The Wild West: A Humorous Collection Of Cowboy Poems And Songs - Eric Ode (2007)
ISBN 9781416936770
Publisher Meadowbrook
Publication Date 6/26/2007
Format Hardcover (279 x 213 mm)
Illustrator Ben Crane
Plot / Summary
Tall Tales of the Wild West is the first major collection of ?cowboy poetry? for kids!

Cowboy poet Eric Ode has written a humorous collection of entertaining shorts about the legendary cowboys and cowgirls who had a home where the

buffalo roamed. Ode is an award-winning singer/songwriter who is one of the most prolific and popular Giggle Poets. His work appears in seven Meadowbrook Press poetry and song anthologies.

This collection of 20 sidesplitting poems and knee-slapping songs has been tested on more than 1,000 kids to prove they are side-splitting fun! It includes poems about a cowboy who only bathes once a year, a chili contest with a very explosive ending, the world's tiniest cowboy (who rounds up rodents instead of cows), a shy cowboy who selects a horse from a line of charming dance partners, and a song about ?Horseshoe Hannah,? a bandit who steals both wallets and hearts. This collection proves Ode to be a true ?wrangler? of poetry and music!

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Cover Price $9.95
Nr of Pages 32
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