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Tainted Love: A Nannies Novel (Nannies) - Melody Mayer (2007)
ISBN 9780385903677
Publisher Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date 7/10/2007
Format Library Binding (206 x 132 mm)
Plot / Summary
Smart girls.

Things are heating up between Kiley and Jorge . . . but the fire isn't out between her and Tom either. Tom's used to hanging out with gorgeous models—how can a girl from Wisconsin compete with that? The only way to cool off is at scuba class, except Kiley keeps having panic attacks. Is it because of the ocean—or her Bermuda love triangle?

Crazy boys.

Getting drunk and hooking up with Luis was not smart. That's why Lydia's decided to pretend the whole fiasco never happened. Why ruin what she has with Billy over one stupid mistake? But Luis won't take no for an answer.

Crazier girls.

Life's pretty sweet right now for Esme. She and Jonathan are free to be together, her artist-to-the-stars tattoo biz is booming, and the Goldhagens just gave her a raise. So when Tarshea, the girl Esme vowed to help, arrives in L.A. and begins to steal her life, Esme's not about to let it happen.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
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2Frog Index 33455
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Cover Price $11.99
Nr of Pages 272
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