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Libraries And Google (Internet Reference Services Quarterly) (Internet Reference Services Quarterly) - 0 (2006)
ISBN 9780789031259
Publisher Routledge
Publication Date 7/28/2006
Format Paperback (211 x 150 mm)
Plot / Summary
Discover the benefits-and drawbacks-of GoogleSM

GoogleSM has become a nearly omnipresent tool of the Internet, with its potential only now beginning to be realized. How can librarians effectively integrate this powerful search engine to provide service to their patrons? Libraries and GoogleSM presents leading authorities discussing the many possibilities of using Google products as effective, user-friendly tools in libraries. Google Scholar and Print are extensively explored with an eye toward offering an expanded view of what is and may be possible for the future, with practical insights on how to make the most of the product's capabilities.

It seems certain that Google is here to stay. Libraries and GoogleSM comprehensively examines this "disruptive technology" that is seen as both a threat and an opportunity by both librarians and publishers. Both perspectives are explored in depth, along with practical applications of this and other Google technology that may be new to librarians. Google products and other more familiar research tools are compared for effectiveness and ease of use. The various unique needs of users and scholars are detailed and considered as a springboard for insightful discussion of the future role of librarians in today's world. Potential problems are closely examined, such as copyright issues of digitization, and privacy concerns sparked by its collection of personal information about its users. The book comprehensively explores the path libraries need to travel to benefit from the search tool, rather than being overwhelmed and destroyed by it.

Topics in Libraries and GoogleSM include:

the viewpoint that Google may make libraries obsolete

new opportunities for libraries through using Google products

technical aspects of purchasing and implementing Google search products with proprietary vendor databases

testing the performance of Google Scholar and Print

practical use of Google's products

personal privacy issues

making digitized library resources more accessible

digitization of copyrighted materials

much, much more!

Libraries and GoogleSM is horizon-expanding reading for all librarians, library science educators and students, library administrators, publishers, and university presses.

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Cover Price $24.95
Nr of Pages 240
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