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What Were They Thinking?: Unconventional Wisdom About Management - Jeffrey Pfeffer (2007)
ISBN 9781422103128
Publisher Harvard Business School Press
Publication Date 7/10/2007
Format Hardcover (212 x 148 mm)
Plot / Summary
Every day companies and their leaders fail to capitalize on opportunities because they misunderstand the real sources of business success.

Based on his popular column in Business 2.0, Jeffrey Pfeffer delivers wise and timely business commentary that challenges conventional wisdom while providing data and insights to help companies make smarter decisions. The book contains a series of short chapters filled with examples, data, and insights that challenge questionable assumptions and much conventional management wisdom. Each chapter also provides guidelines about how to think more deeply and intelligently about critical management issues. Covering topics ranging from managing people to leadership to measurement and strategy, it’s good organizational advice, delivered by Dr. Pfeffer himself.

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2Frog Index 31359
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Cover Price $25.00
Nr of Pages 241
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