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Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy - 0 (2002)
ISBN 9783540431176
Publisher Springer
Publication Date 9/17/2002
Format Hardcover (239 x 160 mm)
Plot / Summary
Since 1995, the noncontact atomic force microscope (NC-AFM) has achieved remarkable progress. Based on nanomechanical methods, the NC-AFM detects the weak attractive force between the tip of a cantilever and a sample surface. This method has the following characteristics: it has true atomic resolution; it can measure atomic force interactions, i.e. it can be used in so-called atomic force spectroscopy (AFS); it can also be used to study insulators; and it can measure mechanical responses such as elastic deformation. This is the first book that deals with all of the emerging NC-AFM issues.
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2Frog Index 30246
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Cover Price $189.00
Nr of Pages 439
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