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Mastering Barbecue: Tons Of Recipes Great Tips Neat Techniques And Indispensible Know-How - Michael H. Stines (2005)
ISBN 9781580086622
Publisher Ten Speed Press
Publication Date 3/15/2005
Format Paperback (251 x 203 mm)
Plot / Summary
Anything that can be cooked inside the kitchen can be cooked outside with more fun and more flavor. For beginning backyard cooks, mediocre smokers, or grilling pros, MASTERING BARBECUE is the primer for introducing barbecue into one's culinary repertoire. Compiling more than a decade's worth of recipes and expertise from veteran grill masters, professional chefs, and barbecue enthusiasts from around the country, barbecue guru Michael Stines packs a whole lot more than just marinades into this comprehensive handbook. He gives beginners the basics on selecting ingredients and tools; teaches intermediate cooks detailed techniques for choosing, preparing, and finishing consistently good dishes; and throws in a few surprises for the seasoned pit master that'll turn great barbecue into championship-quality eats.
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2Frog Index 2755
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Cover Price $19.95
Nr of Pages 192
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