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Huntington's Disease: The Facts - Oliver Quarrell (1999)
ISBN 9780192629302
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date 11/15/1999
Format Paperback (188 x 122 mm)
Plot / Summary
Huntington's Disease is a genetically inherited condition, the result of severe nerve-cell damage in the brain. Due to the recent identification of the gene involved, and the debilitating nature of the disease, a great many more people are now affected either directly or indirectly (families and carers) by this condition. The majority of people develop the disease between the ages of 35 and 55, so for those that are aware of a genetic inheritance, there are enormous problems to confront - should you carry on life as normal? Should you start a family? In this, the first book on Huntington's disease written for sufferers and their families, advice is given on living with this disabling illness. Written as much for carers as for the patients themselves, the book aims to answer some of the questions that both sufferer and carer might have. With the identification of the responsible gene, genetic counselling is now available for those at risk of developing the disease. Though some may wish not to use these services, the book clearly explains the role of the counsellor, and what help is additionally available from the various patient organisations worldwide.
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Cover Price $35.00
Nr of Pages 139
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