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Symbian Os C++ For Mobile Phones (Symbian Press) - Richard Harrison (2003)
ISBN 9780470856116
Publisher Wiley
Publication Date 6/16/2003
Format Paperback (232 x 192 mm)
Plot / Summary
The ultimate developer's guide to Symbian OS C++ programming.

Programming Symbian OS is a key skill for mass market phone application development. Whether you are developing applications and services for shipping mobile phones, or involved in pre-market mobile phone development, this book will help you understand the fundamental theory behind developing Symbian OS C++ code for constrained devices.

  • A collaborative book, incorporating the expertise of over 30 Symbian engineers
  • Comprehensive coverage of Symbian OS suitable for programming Nokia and Sony Ericsson systems and any Symbian OS v7.0 based smartphone
  • Also provides supporting material for Symbian OS v6.0 and v6.0 phones
  • Accompanying CD includes demo version of Metrowerks toolchain for the P800
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 26938
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Cover Price $65.00
Nr of Pages 826
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