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Take Back Your Life! Special Edition: Using Microsoft® Outlook® To Get Organized And Stay Organized (Bpg-Other) - Sally McGhee (2005)
ISBN 9780735622159
Publisher Microsoft Press
Publication Date 6/22/2005
Format Paperback (229 x 183 mm)
Plot / Summary
Unrelenting e-mail. Conflicting commitments. Endless interruptions. In Take Back Your Life! Special Edition, productivity expert Sally McGhee shows you how to take control and reclaim something that you thought you'd lost forever--your work-life balance. Now you can benefit from Sally's popular and highly-regarded corporate education programs, learning simple but powerful techniques for rebalancing your personal and professional commitments using the productivity features in Outlook. Learn the proven methods that will empower you to: *Clear away distractions and loose ends and focus on what's really important to you and your business.*Take charge of your productivity using techniques and processes designed by McGhee Productivity Solutions and implemented in numerous Fortune 500 companies.*Customize and exploit the productivity features iOutlook to help you create balance at home and on the job.*Special Edition features: Get even more on-the-job resources with an easy tear-out card of Sally's workflow diagram, a quick guide to key Outlook tasks, and great articles on the CD to help you save even more time.When you change your approach, you can change your results. So learn what thousands of Sally's clients worldwide have discovered about taking control of their everyday productivity--and start transforming your own life today!
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2Frog Index 26899
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Cover Price $24.99
Nr of Pages 316
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