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3d Programming For Windows (Pro - Developer) - Charles Petzold (2007)
ISBN 9780735623941
Publisher Microsoft Press
Publication Date 7/25/2007
Format Paperback (228 x 186 mm)
Plot / Summary
The Windows Presentation Foundation is a key component of .NET Framework 3.0, which is a part of Windows Vista and available for Windows XP. With the Windows Presentation Foundation, 3D images can be displayed regardless of the video-display hardware on the users machine. Focusing on developing user interface objects or simple animations, this book builds on a readers knowledge of Windows Presentation Foundation essentials to demonstrate how to effectively create 3D graphics for Windows. You get the fundamental information for using the Windows Presentation Foundation 3D application programming interface (API), as well as in-depth coverage of mesh geometries.
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2Frog Index 26872
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Cover Price $39.99
Nr of Pages 448
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