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Buyout: The Insider's Guide To Buying Your Own Company - Rick Rickertsen, Robert E. Gunther (2001)
ISBN 9780814406267
Publisher AMACOM
Publication Date 3/15/2001
Format Hardcover (232 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
Successful management buyouts (MBOs) are the pinnacle of business success today and a great way to earn an ever-increasing stake in the American dream.

Buyout provides managers and executives with the necessary tools and strategies for leading a company or division buyout. It explores the details of the entire buyout process and empowers managers to seize their destiny and take charge. Managers learn how to:

* Find a company to purchase
* Develop a business plan
* Negotiate with the seller
* Win the "ground war" of due diligence
* Find equity partners and negotiate the management deal with investors
* Run the company after the MBO.

Buyout offers real-life stories of people who actually pulled off out-of-this-world deals and became rich beyond their wildest expectations.

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2Frog Index 25573
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Cover Price $32.95
Nr of Pages 304
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