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"Our Gallant Doctor": Enigma And Tragedy: Surgeon-Lieutenant George Hendry And Hmcs Ottawa, 1942 - James Goodwin (2007)
ISBN 9781550026870
Publisher Dundurn Press
Publication Date 4/30/2007
Format Hardcover (229 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary

During the Battle of the Atlantic, Dr. George Hendry had just finished performing two major surgical operations on board the destroyer HMCS Ottawa when his ship was ambushed by 13 German U-boats. Canadian warships like Ottawa had inadequate radar sets that were incapable of detecting submarines approaching in the dark. On September 13, 1942, U-91 stole in and torpedoed Ottawa, sinking her in 20 minutes. utterly exhausted, Dr. Hendry was lost along with 113 of his shipmates.

George Hendry was a much-loved man, a great university athlete, and a very good doctor. Unfortunately, he was also naive and too trusting. One night in January 1941, he committed a very foolish indiscretion. He would spend the rest of his tragically short life making amends for this mistake.

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2Frog Index 25490
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Cover Price $35.00
Nr of Pages 280
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