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A Fool's Gold: A Story Of Ancient Spanish Treasure, Two Pounds Of Pot, And The Young Lawyer Almost Left Holding The Bag - Bill Merritt, William E. Merritt (2006)
ISBN 9781596910997
Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date 1/24/2006
Format Hardcover (236 x 157 mm)
Plot / Summary
A fantastically eccentric true crime caper that does for coastal Oregon what Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil did for Savannah.

Just a few months out of law school, Bill Merritt takes a job working for a slightly shady but charismatic lawyer named Thaddeus Silk. Only months later, Thaddeus drops dead of a heart attack, and Bill is left to pick up the pieces of his chaotic and poorly managed practice. Before he can even start to make sense of the mess that was Thaddeus’s legal life, the police are knocking at his door, and Bill is being accused of fencing stolen treasure. Enter Abby Birdsong and Grady Jackson, two clients of Thaddeus’s whose files are among the boxes and papers and bourbon bottles that litter his office. Drug charges had been brought against Abby for carrying two pounds of pot in her bag; and Grady seeks a permit from the state of Oregon to dig for treasure on a local beach. Bill takes on both of their cases, which, on the face of it, aren’t related. When the two cases collide in ways that seem too fantastic to be true, Bill finds himself caught in the middle.

How Thaddeus and Bill, Abby and Grady, assorted law enforcement officials and colorful hangers-on overlap and interconnect took Bill another nineteen years to puzzle out. The result is an intricate and original legal yarn with a cast of provincial misfits so peculiar and charming it reads like fiction.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 25272
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Cover Price $23.95
Nr of Pages 240
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