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Caring For Your Art: A Guide For Artists, Collectors, Galleries And Art Institutions - Jill Snyder, Joseph Montague (2001)
ISBN 9781581152005
Publisher Watson-Guptill
Publication Date 10/1/2001
Format Paperback (226 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
For artists, collectors, gallery staff, and art curators-here's everything you need to know about presenting and protecting works of art being transported or on display in the studio, home, gallery, or museum. In CARING FOR YOUR ART, Jill Snyder explains the secrets of displaying, transporting, storing, and insuring art objects that help extend the life of paintings, prints, photography, and sculpture against all possible odds. New to this edition are interviews with key figures from the art insurance, art risk management, and conservation industries that have been conducted by Ann Albano, registrar of the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art.

* cutting-edge ways to limit environmental hazards
* the latest techniques for creating, packing, transporting, and storing art
* recommendations for the use of acid-free materials
* using manual and computer systems for record keeping
* checklists that help identify gaps in the safekeeping process
* easy-to-grasp illustrations of complex technical problems

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Cover Price $19.95
Nr of Pages 208
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