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The World Awaits: How To Travel Far And Well - Paul Otteson (2001)
ISBN 9781566912433
Publisher Avalon Travel Publishing
Publication Date 1/30/2001
Format Paperback (206 x 140 mm)
Plot / Summary
The World Awaits is your guide for planning an extended, independent, international journey. You'll get practical information on visa requirements, web addresses, phone numbers, and more. Organized in three parts sequentially matched to the entire travel experience, The World Awaits also examines issues of goals, passports, shots, packing, budgeting, tickets, route planning, and life on the road. With The World Awaits, you'll learn just how much travel can inspire, reveal, educate, and transform. "Experienced globetrotter Paul Otteson provides all the details needed to plan a fulfilling journey, traveling only with what can fit in the pack on your back, teaching you how to do it yourself." -- Midwest Book Review
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 23785
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Cover Price $16.95
Nr of Pages 250
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