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Muscles, Speed, And Lies: What The Sport Supplement Industry Does Not Want Athletes Or Consumers To Know - David Lightsey (2006)
ISBN 9781592289127
Publisher The Lyons Press
Publication Date 6/1/2006
Format Hardcover (230 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
In 2005, health-conscious consumers and athletes combined spent approximately $6 billion on various sport supplements that promised to enhance their health, physical development, or performance. But do these supplements really offer the benefits they claim in their advertising and on their packaging? And are they safe?
David Lightsey, MS, a nutrition and food science advisor to an award-winning consumer advocacy Web site, maintains that the sports supplement industry regularly and knowingly makes false claims, and since it has yet to be properly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, consumers are unprotected from products that are unnecessary, may cause great harm, or even lead to death. Aware that much of the problem stems from a lack of information about general nutrition, dietary supplements, and beneficial lifestyle changes, Lightsey provides answers to such questions as:

Do excessive protein supplements actually hinder performance and strength gains?
Can over-the-counter supplements be more effective than steroids?
Why are fat cells so easy to accumulate and so hard to diminish in size?
Are antioxidant supplements helpful or harmful?
Which dietary changes have the most effect on physical development and training?
How much body fat can safely be lost in one week?
How much muscle mass can realistically be developed in one week without steroids?

In Muscles, Speed & Lies, Lightsey helps educators, consumers, coaches, athletes, and parents navigate through all of the hype about supplements, and he offers advice on alternative dietary changes that can yield much healthier and longer-lasting results than the latest “miracle” pill.
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Nr of Pages 224
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