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"Sicques, Tigers, Or Thieves":: Eyewitness Accounts Of The Sikhs (1606-1809) - Amandeep Singh Madra, Parmjit Singh (2005)
ISBN 9781403962027
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date 1/5/2005
Format Paperback (232 x 154 mm)
Plot / Summary
In 1812, Sir John Malcom, a Lieutenant General in the British Army wrote "A Sketch of the Sikhs," commonly believed to be the first account of the Sikhs written by a non-Sikh. In truth, soldiers, travelers, diplomats, missionaries, and scholars had provided accounts for many years before that. Drawing on this difficult-to-find material, the editors of this volume have compiled a unique source that offers a fascinating insight into the early developments in Sikh history. From the first ever written accounts of the Sikhs by Persian chroniclers of the Moghul Emperor to the travel diary of an Englishwoman, this volume contains material invaluable to those studying the evolution of the Sikh religion.
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Cover Price $31.95
Nr of Pages 448
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