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Understanding Automotive Electronics, Sixth Edition (Sams Understanding Series) - William Ribbens (2002)
ISBN 9780750675994
Publisher Newnes
Publication Date 12/23/2002
Format Paperback (229 x 180 mm)
Plot / Summary
In addition, the new edition explains new electronically controlled vehicle motion control systems including advanced suspension, electronically controlled electric power steering, 4-wheel steering and electronically controlled electric brakes. The braking systems are part of an integrated motion control system that couples ABS brakes; traction control and variable vehicle dynamics for enhanced stability are also described. The development of hybrid/electric vehicles and their associated electronic control/monitoring systems as well as the new technologies incorporated into conventional gasoline and diesel-fueled engines are also discussed.

*Extensive revision of a popular text
*Covers the shift from 14-volt to 42-volt systems
*Includes information on future automotive elctronic systems
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 19926
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Cover Price $46.95
Nr of Pages 480
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