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As I Lay Dying: The Corrected Text (Modern Library) - William Faulkner (2000)
ISBN 9780375504525
Publisher Modern Library
Publication Date 11/28/2000
Format Hardcover (188 x 128 mm)
Plot / Summary
One of William Faulkner's finest novels, As I Lay Dying was originally published in 1930, and remains a captivating and stylistically innovative work. The story revolves around a grim yet darkly humorous pilgrimage, as Addie Bundren's family sets out to fulfill her last wish: to be buried in her native Jefferson, Mississippi, far from the miserable backwater surroundings of her married life. Told through multiple voices, it vividly brings to life Faulkner's imaginary South, one of the great invented landscapes in all of literature, and is replete with the poignant, impoverished, violent, and hypnotically fascinating characters that were his trademark.

This edition reproduces the corrected text of As I Lay Dying as established in 1985 by Noel Polk.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 19199
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Cover Price $16.95
Nr of Pages 288
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