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Embroidery Machine Essentials: Applique Adventures (Jeanine Twigg's Companion Project Series) - Mary Mulari (2006)
ISBN 9780896894051
Publisher Krause Publications
Publication Date 11/21/2006
Format Paperback (269 x 203 mm)
Plot / Summary
"Introduces new opportunities for embroidery machine owners to expand the use of their machine

Features instructions for 12 projects, plus 20 original embroidery designs in the book and the accompanying CD-ROM

Speaks to a devoted and growing machine embroidery community; more than 70,000 people read Creative Machine Embroidery magazine, one of many magazines aimed at machine embroiderers

This exciting new book gives embroidery machine owners more opportunities and techniques to make the most of their investment. The detailed instructions, tips and impressive designs in this book help sewers and embroiderers enhance their skills, create beautiful garments and gifts, and optimize the use of their machine. This book:

*Instructs readers how to use their machine to make beautiful appliqué designs for quilts, garments, and paper gifts
*Hits on the new products and methods embroiderers and sewers can use to ensure success with every project
*Features a color gallery with examples sewers and embroiderers can use as inspiration for new designs

A great value for the price, this book will expand machine embroidery owners' skills, confidence and appreciation for their hobby.

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2Frog Index 18704
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Cover Price $22.99
Nr of Pages 48
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