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I Am Not Your Victim: Anatomy Of Domestic Violence (Sage Series On Violence Against Women) - Beth Sipe, Evelyn J. Hall (1996)
ISBN 9780761901464
Publisher Sage Publications, Inc
Publication Date 5/20/1996
Format Paperback (229 x 153 mm)
Plot / Summary

I Am Not Your Victim vividly details the evolution of domestic violence during the 16-year marriage of author Beth Sipe. Encouraged to publish her story by her therapist and co-author, Evelyn J. Hall, Beth movingly and beautifully relates the background and events leading up to and immediately following her tragic act of desperation that ended the life of her sadistic perpetrator. The subsequent mishandling by the police, the military, a mental health professional, and the welfare system illustrates how women like Beth face further revictimization and neglect by the very systems that should provide support and assistance. Insightful commentaries written by experts in the field follow Beth's story and deepen our understanding of the causes and processes of spousal abuse, why battered women stay, and the dynamic consequences of domestic violence.

Beth's voice, as well as the expertise of outstanding commentators, including Barbara J. Hart, Evelyn J. Hall, Jeffrey L. Edleson, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Susan L. Miller, William H. Smith, and Deborah D. Tucker, among others, makes I Am Not Your Victim a must read for advanced clinical students and practitioners in the fields of social work, counseling/clinical psychology, marriage and family counseling, criminal justice/law enforcement, law, nursing, public health, and paralegal studies. This book is equally compelling reading for advocates and the general reader.

***Author Beth Sipe would love to hear your comments about the book. She is also available for speaking engagements and can be reached at bethsipe1@yahoo.com

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Cover Price $49.95
Nr of Pages 320
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