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Living With Hepatitis C: A Survivor's Guide, Fourth Edition (Living With) - Gregory T. Everson, Hedy Weinberg (2006)
ISBN 9781578262250
Publisher Hatherleigh
Publication Date 8/21/2006
Format Paperback (218 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
Living with Hepatitis C: A Survivor’s Guide is the first book written for the millions of Americans who suffer from this deadly disease. Completely updated and now in its fourth edition, it offers guidance and answers for those infected by the deadly virus–and for their husbands, wives, families, and friends. Written by a nationally renowned hepatitis C expert and an award-winning writer, Living with Hepatitis C explains in everyday language:

• The nature of the disease and how it affects your body
• Pegylated and consensus interferons, the emerging standard-of-care
• How to understand confusing blood tests and biopsies
• How to avoid infecting others
• What to expect if you need a liver transplant
• How to deal with your emotions and grief
• How to protect yourself and your family from enormous medical cost
• What alternatives and natural treatments are available and whether any of them show promise
• What to expect in the future–new research, new drugs…and new hope!

The authors and publisher have agreed to donate a portion of the cover price for each book sold to The Kern Research Foundation to be used exclusively for research into a cure for the disease.
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Cover Price $15.95
Nr of Pages 320
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