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The Well-Filled Microwave Cookbook (Well-Filled Series , No 2) - Victoria Wise, Susanna Hoffman (1996)
ISBN 9781563051777
Publisher Workman Publishing Company
Publication Date 1/4/1996
Format Paperback (208 x 207 mm)
Plot / Summary
Microwave ovens are in over 90% of American homes--but too often relegated to the role of re-heater, defroster, and popcorn maker. No more. Victoria Wise and Susanna Hoffman, authors of The Well-Filled Tortilla with over 200,000 copies in print, spent three years exploring the possibilities of the microwave, and they've created a collection of 350 innovative, flavorful, at times whimsical recipes that take full advantage of the box and what it does best. And what the microwave does best, as the authors have discovered, is pretty terrific. Perfectly cooked fish. Creamy no-stir risottos. Luscious sauces for pasta. Crunchy pickles and relishes in a twinkling. Soup with an unexpected depth of flavor. Hasty puddings. And all without much of the time, mess, fuss, and demanding attention of conventional cooking. Then, marry these virtues with the sensibilities of two truly imaginative chefs, and the box really does become magic: Cuba Seafood Soup with Black Beans, Sweet Potato and Yam, Burmese Curried Chicken, Fish Filets Brazilian, Tahini Spice Cake with Orange Glaze, Double Chocolate Pudding. 43,000 copies in print.
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2Frog Index 16358
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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 448
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